After years of behavior problems with my rescue Border Collie Jack which were getting increasingly worse, to the point where I was contemplating having to re-home him, I scanned the phone book and the internet for someone to help, I spoke with many people regarding Jacks problems but he needed someone special who was going to be gentle and sympathetic to his needs. I found Sara by chance and invited her to see Jack, the first thing she did was got down to his level and started talking to him, watching for signs of what was upsetting him, Sara explained that she would also need to teach me how to react to his problems not just Jack. After 3 sessions I didn’t recognize Jack as the same dog, his confidence has steadily grown and stopped territory marking in the house, he is now not frightened of people and other dogs and he’s a pleasure to take out on walks, I can even let him off the lead.

Many thanks for all your help

Christine and JackĀ 


“My 4 year old beagle, Dylan suffered from terrible separation anxiety, resulting in him barking every time I left the house. This really upset the neighbours and left me feeling really stressed and afraid to leave him alone. Most importantly Sara was really understanding and helped me feel positive in what seemed like an impossible situation. Sara carefully observed both myself and Dylan in order to give us practical and achievable strategies.

I am now able to leave Dylan without worrying that he will bark and I am safe in the knowledge that he is happy to be left alone.”

Catrin and Dylan